Why Girlfriends

     Why girlfriends is a project that begans after a big acess in Vimeo, more than 150 thousands views in Vimeo. Then, it became a webserie.
     The episodes tells about funny situation inside the relationships between boy and girls, like the first sight, or in a cinema, in a night club, etc.
     We hope the support and divulgation of all people that likes the project. In the moment, the episodes are self-sponsored, but I hope I can get some sponsorships to carry this straight ahead.
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Official Site: http://www.porqueasnamoradas.com

- Official Selection for 19º Animamundi - International Animation Festival of Brazil.
- Finalist of Anima Multi - 20º Animamundi.
- Official Selection for 12º Goiania Mostra Curtas.