Illustrations / Drawings

Sunny Day

Little Warriors


Little Warrior

Fearful Clown

Flying Boy

Tattoo Girl

Summer Girls: Girls are always around you, in your mind or on your side.

Giant Noel

Santa´s Garden: he knows his garden as palm of his hand.

Santa´s parachute

Alice in Wonderland


Last Piece

There's no Rush!

Castle Dragon

Red Umbrella

Losses and Gains #2 - Personification of Fear

Losses and Gains #3 - White Bird

Losses and Gains #4

My treasure

Girl 01

Looking Lateral

Over there!

The Great Anonymous (sketch)

The Great Anonymous

Don ´t Force!

Girl 02

Girl 03

Girl 04

 The Line

The Singer

Bad Girl

Bikini Girl 01

Bikini Girl 02

Candy Curves